Baclofen: Side Effects, Dosage, Uses & More

It is used to reduce anxiety as that is one of the main reasons patients resist alcohol addiction. Also, the dose needed when treating alcohol addiction is significantly low compared to other drugs such as diazepam or other benzodiazepines. Other medications used for anxiety treatment may require increasing amounts to continue building tolerance and might […]

Alcohol and Anxiety: Causes, Risks and Treatment

Many clinical features of AUD have significant overlap with other psychiatric disorders, including sleep disturbances and negative emotional states such as worry, dysphoria, sadness, or irritability that often occur during cycles of alcohol intoxication, withdrawal, and craving. (See Core article on neuroscience.) As described in the sections to follow, a timeline of your patient’s symptoms […]

Full Body Detox: 9 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body

Pumping breast milk will not eliminate alcohol from the milk any quicker. A person who is a lighter weight or who has a smaller body frame will be more affected than someone who weighs more or has a larger body frame. Research has shown that alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism, tends to run in families, […]

Healing Your Shame and Guilt Through Self-Forgiveness

Shame can do some serious damage to your recovery, but there are steps you can take to deal with shame and positively influence the recovery process. When it comes to addiction recovery, the road can be long and challenging. However, it s not just about getting sober – it s about maintaining sobriety for the […]

Substance-Free Supportive Housing

In general, individuals with a history of vagrancy, incarceration or inadequate social support are at high risk of relapse. But sober living homes can be beneficial for anyone in recovery who does not have a supportive, substance-free environment to go home to. Oxford Houses of Texas, established in 1990, is a state-wide network of addiction recovery […]

Art Therapy Ideas for Substance Abuse Recovery and Behavioral Health TenEleven

No matter how a person develops a substance use disorder, there are similar results embedded in the process affecting each victim of the disease. As you can see, in today’s society, there is a heightened risk of mental health decay due to the onslaught of negative social impressions, spread by entertainment media and viral visibility […]

58 Best Rehab Centers In California 2023 Free and Private Options

If you are seeking a life free from substance abuse, Ascendant New York’s treatment programs promise a recovery experience beyond your expectations. They offer holistic healing therapy services, medically-supervised detox treatments, and both inpatient and outpatient programs. It recognizes the importance of aftercare and begins planning the end phase of treatment as soon as you […]